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Sainz got little attention after Ferrari contract: ‘McLaren made sure of that’

After Ferrari announced that Sebastian Vettel would no longer drive for the team, it soon became clear that the empty seat would go to Carlos Sainz. According to the Spaniard, McLaren made sure there was not too much media attention.
Driving for Ferrari is a dream come true for most drivers and that certainly applies to Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard just didn’t initially expect to actually drive for the team, even after interest was shown from Maranello. “You think they are talking to all the drivers. So I tried to be as relaxed about it as possible.

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Mercedes engine again the most reliable, but only in the Mercedes itself

It is no secret that Mercedes manages to build a lightning-fast engine every year, but the manufacturer is often also the most reliable. This was again the case in 2020, but only when the engine was put in Mercedes’ own cars.
To finish first, you first need to finish. It is a cliché statement, but one that conceals a painful truth. Mercedes is supreme in the hybrid era and that is mainly because the team manages to put an extremely reliable engine on the grid every year. In years where some say Ferrari had a faster engine, Mercedes still easily won the title.

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Button on Mick Schumacher: "Must have been very emotional to think about his dad"

Jenson Button expects Mick Schumacher to succeed in Formula 1. According to the analyst, with Nikita Mazepin as a teammate, Schumacher will find someone with the potential to achieve very good performances.
“It’s great he is in Formula 1 and he seems like a really nice kid,” Button told PlanetF1. The one-time world champion sees Mick as a “hard worker” and is looking forward to watching the German rookie’s exploits in 2021.

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A huge mistake by Aston Martin: ‘His last two years were miserable!’

After a long search during the 2020 season, Sebastian Vettel still managed to find a place for the upcoming season: Aston Martin F1. According to Eddie Jordan, the team however made a big mistake in doing so.
Even before the season had begun, Vettel immediately received the bad news from Ferrari. From 2021 onwards he will have to find another employer. That news immediately caused a whole landslide, with several drivers changing teams.

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